what started as a family picnic...


A fixture in the Kars community for over 50 years, the Flood farm has always been a venue for family, entertainment and memorable occasions. While the farmer is taking a break from his honeybees, Christmas trees, vegetable garden(s), treehouse projects and more, you'll find him planning for Floodstock.
"The Best Music Festival of our time"- Roaring Stones
"It's electrifying"- Entertainment Weakly
"Knock you right out of your adirondack"-Larry (the farmhand)

 Perhaps most famous for its tremendous musical acts that carry their sounds down the St. John River each year, Floodstock is an event not to be missed. The Flood family continues to host Floodstock each year to support local charity and throw a party that the whole family can enjoy. Each year we work to bring in wonderfully talented artists, great family entertainment and food from high quality local vendors, with all proceeds going to charitable cause. Come early, stay late: It's Floodstock.



The Floodstock story...

Seventeen years ago, it became alarmingly clear,
The farm needed great music, and a little more beer.
We set our sights for the greatest talents on earth,
This was the day that marks Floodstock's birth.

We went to the drawing board and drafted a plan,
worked late hours, and got the farmer’s tan.
The day came about and the party was grand,
we partied all night to that Rockin’ River band.

The news of this party was the talk of the town,we knew then and there, there’d be no slowing down.

We shined up the Barge & our best dancing shoes,added Thirst’n’Howl and made headline news.

The musicians caught wind and they all wanted in,
Not performing at Floodstock was considered a sin.
So they picked up their fiddles and rushed onto the stage,
The Steam Boat Stomp marked Floodstock’s 3rd page.

Over 400 years ago, the vessel pulled to shore,

filled with great settlers, stories and lots, lots, more.

The Acadian Arrival Revival was the name of the tour,

the music so spectacular, the crowds sure did roar.

The word of the festival continued to spread,
All things local was the mission we led.
The people, the forest and all our good food,
Reject our fiddle head jam? That’s just rude.


Shine up your jig shoes, shine up your clogs,
If you’re not up and dancing, you’ll be gone to the dogs.
The Ceilidh Melee pulls you up off your chair,
stompin’ your feet to that Joel Plaskett flair. 


It was August 2007,
and the weather was heaven,
the sunflowers were dancing and tall as the skies,
Summer Groove Fest, an occasion to rise.